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solid CBN insert
thoroughly brazed
PCBN tipped insert
C (80° diamond)
D (55° diamond)
T (60° triangle)
V (35° diamond)
S (90° square)
W (80° hexagon)
Full face PCD insert
PCD tipped insert
C (80° diamond)
D (55° diamond)
T (60° triangle)
V (35° diamond)
W (80° hexagon)
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1). What is PCD?
2). ISO numerical code
3). Hardness conversion table of HB, HRC, HV, HS.
4). How to choose the correct bond for pcd inserts turning and milling.
5). Sample requirements for PCD inserts.

We are willing to prepare pcd insert samples for clients machining test, checking the inserts quality, wear loss, working lifetime and surface machining roughness. It may need 5~10pcs pcd inserts as sample for delivery, but samples are not free of charge, we hope our customers could burden the sample cost and freight, then we could take action right away for the sample preparation, no matter it is full face pcd inserts, or tipped pcd inserts.

6). Lead time and payment terms.

20 working days for mass production over 200pcs of pcd inserts, and 15 working days needed for sample preparation of pcd inserts in standard patterns.

Payment term is 30% deposit T/T in advance, rest be paid before shipping. While for small order, we need full payment to save the bank charge, payment transfer by way of bank telegraphic transfer or PAYPAL, western union.

PCBN inserts are delivered by express company like DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS.

7). advantages of pcd inserts for non-ferrous metal machining.
8). applications of pcd inserts in automotive industry for cutting aluminum alloy.
9). pcd inserts for machining automotive components.
10). pcd inserts for milling of automotive cylinder block.
10). repair and refinishing automotive wheels with pcd inserts.
11). pcd inserts for cutting and machining aerospace components.
12.) why pcd/cbn inserts turning better than grinding?
13). what advanced features of pcd diamond better than cvd diamond and single crystal diamond?
14). flange face milling with pcd inserts for surface finish machining.
15). understanding More About PCD Lathe Inserts For Turning And Milling in CNC Machine
16). accurate machining valves extruded from aluminum.
17). aluminum pressure tanks machining with tipped polycrystalline diamond pcd inserts.
18). die and mold profiling with pcd inserts.
19). composite material milling and chamfering with pcd diamond inserts.
20). polycrystalline diamond pcd turning inserts with chip breaker.
21). face milling of automobile engine cylinder head with pcd inserts.
22). boring transmission case bearing holes with pcd inserts.
23). pcd inserts for boring of connecting rod.
24). pcd inserts for drilling, tapping and reaming on transmission cases.
25). efficient use of pcd inserts to machine the air frame.
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