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solid CBN insert
thoroughly brazed
PCBN tipped insert
C (80° diamond)
D (55° diamond)
T (60° triangle)
V (35° diamond)
S (90° square)
W (80° hexagon)
Full face PCD insert
PCD tipped insert
C (80° diamond)
D (55° diamond)
T (60° triangle)
V (35° diamond)
W (80° hexagon)
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How to choose the correct bond for pcd inserts turning and milling

There are ten questions as below, more answers we have got will be more exact and correct bond of pcd inserts, drawing or product picture will be much appreciated.
①what pcd inserts are in demand, full faced pcd inserts or tipped pcbn inserts? if tipped inserts, how many cutting edges/working tips needed?
②the work part name for machining: such as automotive engine block, cylinder head, pressure tank, gearbox etc.
③the work piece material: such as tungsten carbide, aluminum, cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, brass, non metals cemented, reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, hard rubber, wood inorganic board etc.
④hardness or grade of the work piece material for machining? if aluminum alloy, how much silicone content included in? (Si<12% or Si>12%)
⑤turning or milling? machining method: rough machining, semi-finish machining or fine-machining?
⑥for continuous machining, light interrupted/intermittent machining or heavy interrupted/intermittent machining?
⑦is the machining process adding coolant or dry machining?
⑧if the insert plate need negative T land/chamfer or ER treated/honing? like CNMN 120408 T 0.2×20°
⑨if the insert plate need wiper, any requirements on surface finish? for obtaining better roughness than Ra 0.4 or Ra 0.6.
⑩cutting condition parameters.
cutting speed (V):= ? meter/minute (or tell us the workpiece diameter and the rotary speed)
cutting depth (ap):= ? mm (Penetration of a tool)
feeding speed (f):= ? mm/revolve (The amount of feed/feed motion)

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