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PCD Inserts For Cutting Aluminum Alloy In Automotive Industry

There are many reasons why aluminum is widely used in automobiles. The main reasons why most car manufactures have opted for aluminum for most car parts is the fact that it is strong and light weight. A light car consumes less fuel and produces less vehicle exhaust of carbon into the atmosphere. Examples of parts of car that are from aluminum include the engine hood panel, transmission system, cylinder head and block, engine bonnet, shock absorber, suspend support, air conditioner etc. With time, some of these parts develop problems and may need to be fixed. This is where pcd inserts come in. pcd diamond insert are ideal for machining car parts made from aluminum. Here are some reasons why pcd tuning and milling inserts should be used to machine automotive applications.

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1. High material removal rates

pcd inserts helps to make the rate of material a removal fast. This is because more material is removed per unit time during machining. The productivity of the machining process is significantly increased due to increased material removal rates. Polycrystalline diamond inserts have high thermal conductivity that helps to ensure that the material that is being machined is not damaged by heat. Heat damage can be a great problem when machining sensitive automotive parts.

2. Improved control of part sizes

There is always a chance that parts may be damaged during machining. There are parts that can completely be damaged when machining is not done to high precision. Polycrystalline diamond inserts make it easy to machine parts with precision. Improved control of sizes of parts that are being machined gives you more control over the machining process. It greatly reduces the probability of damaging parts of a vehicle because of difficulty in controlling the process. Therefore, if you have been looking for way to have better control of part sizes during machining, you should definitely go for pcd tooling inserts.

3. Improved part finish

Finishing is very important for all parts of a vehicle. Pcd diamond inserts helps to ensure that the parts are well finished. The fact that parts can be machined to perfection, or close to perfection makes pcd inserts ideal when dealing with aluminum automobile parts.

4. Lower scrap rates

When pcd inserts are used in machining parts of a car, there is very little wastage of materials. There is lower scrap rate because the machining can be done to high precisions. Therefore, if you were looking for a way to reduce the wastage of materials when machining parts of car that are made from aluminum, one of the things that you should do is start using pcd milling inserts. They will help to reduce the scrap that you produce significantly.

Polycrystalline Diamond (pcd) cutting tools are the best replacements for carbide tools. They are the best tools to use when you want to machine parts that have been made from aluminum with precision. They are tough just like tungsten carbide and they have greater cutting edges. They are not only abrasive resistant but they also provide good thermal conductivity. If you cut car parts regularly and you want to get better results, you should definitely start using pcd inserts. They are being used all over the world in automotive applications.

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