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Accurate machining gas valves that have been extruded from aluminum

When machining gas valves that have been extruded from aluminum, one of the most important things that you have to consider is accuracy. You have to ensure that the gas valves that are being machined are as accurate as possible. The tools that you are going to use to machine your gas valves play a very big role as far as accuracy is concerned. When you are not machining using the right tools, there is no way that you are going to be accurate. when machining aluminium alloy of Si lower than %12, pcd inserts of WCGT040104 fixed on M2 insert holder are ideal when you want to machine gas valves in the best way possible. This is because of the following reasons;

gas valve gas valve gas valve gas valve

1. Great surface finish

Are you looking for a way to achieve great surface finish? You will be able to get better surface finish when you start using pcd inserts to machine your gas valves. Therefore, if you have not been able to achieve great surface finish in the past, pcd insert of WCGT040104 in mini size will be a great option for you. Compared to other similar tools, pcd insert of WCGT040104 make it possible for you to create an excellent finish. You will not have to do anything else when you get your workpiece off the machine to to achieve a better finish.

2. Fast metal removal rates

If you are looking for machine tools that will help you achieve faster material removal rates when machining valves, you should definitely go for tipped pcd inserts. Faster materials removal rates mean that you will be able to machine more parts within a short period of time. Faster material removal rate also help to make the machining process more economical. This is because the machines will run for a shorter time. This will help you save both time and energy.

3. Lower cutting forces

High cutting forces can easily cause damages on a part that is being machined. If you don’t want material wastage when machining valves, you should use a tool that does not create very high cutting forces. pcd tools will help you lower the cutting forces when machining the valves. pcd tipped inserts will greatly help to reduce tendency of damaging workpiece.

4. Long tool life

Machining tools are quite expensive. You definitely don’t want to be replacing your tools every now and then. pcd inserts are the best choice when you are looking for tools to machine valves that will last for a very long time. Compared to carbide tungsten tools, they can last up to 50 times longer. Although you will have to pay a little more to buy full faced pcd inserts or tipped pcd inserts, your investment will be worth it if you want to save money in the long run.

5. Closer dimensional tolerance 

You should not sacrifice the accuracy of the valves for anything else. As stated before, accuracy is very important when machining valves. pcd inserts will help you achieve a very close dimensional tolerance. This is because the tool does not wear during the machining process. Your machine settings will remain the same throughout the machining process. It is also possible to do roughing and finishing operations in the same cycle.

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