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PCD inserts For Machining aerospace components

When it comes to machining aircraft work parts, both moving and fixed, there are quite a few important points that should be kept in mind. It calls for using the best tools and best technologies because nothing can be left to chance or even the smallest inconsistency could lead to lot problems and risks. Precision designs and high tech materials without any doubt are the cornerstones when it comes to machining aircraft parts. There are literally thousands of moving parts and perhaps scores of fixed parts that need to be machined and serviced. This calls for trained staff and also the use of the right types of pcd and pcbn inserts. These inserts come in different grades and types and choosing the right one is of paramount importance. Let us have a look at some of the important parts of any aircraft and find out how machining can be done using the various types of inserts and cutting materials.

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Landing Gear Bean (Titanium)
The landing gear bean is one of the most important parts of any aircraft. The landing gear has to be deployed prior to landing. Hence it has to be in good condition machining should be done using pcd and pcbn inserts. This is because landing gear bean (titanium) is one of the toughest parts and machining it requires high quality cutting machines made from diamond, tungsten and other materials.

Central Wing Box & Flap Track
The central wing box made from composite material including high quality aluminum and titanium, and when it comes to machining them, various factors such as chip evacuation and hole-quality and other such factors must be taken into account. In the same light machining flap track made from stainless steel could also be quite tough and would certainly call for the best quality pcd inserts. Machining this would call for the use of the best of milling, and slotting technologies where inserts have a big role to play.

Vertical Tail & Wing Rib
The vertical tail is a very important part of any aircraft and is made from composite material and for the purpose of hole-making, surface machining and edging it is important to opt for the best quality polycrystalline diamond inserts. The wing ribs are made from high quality aluminum and when it comes to machining the same, it has to be done at special centers and facilities where the best of cutting, polishing and edging facilities are available.

Turbine Disc (Inconel 718, Waspalloy And Udimet 720) & Turbine Casing (Inconel Or Waspalloy)
The complexities associated with machining of turbine disc and turbine casing are many. First and foremost they are made from high quality composite materials like Waspalloy, Udimet 720 or Inconel 718. Therefore when it comes to machining these turned parts lot of care and caution has to be exercised. They can be done only in special facilities where the best of blades, are available which again should be made from high quality materials like diamond, tungsten and other metals.

Blisk (Titanium) and Fan Disc (Titanium)

When we talk about Titanium being used as the base metal for various moving parts in any aircraft, we cannot ignore Blisk and Fan Disc. It is important to bear in mind that machining and programming of blisk is not easy to say the least. It requires perfect understanding of the parts and also the various machining options available. The same is the case with Fan Disc which is made from the best quality titanium. Boring it and ensuring that the internal chambers are properly designed would not only call for a proper understanding of the entire mechanics and physics. Only then would it be possible to use the right machining tools. Milling of the tulip grooves that are quite large is a very tricky and highly sophisticated exercise. It calls for using of the right type of dampened blades, angled inserts, and other such techniques.

Final Words
Hence taking the above into account there is hardly any doubt that when it comes to machining of various moving and fixed parts, the role of cutting tools made from different metals is of paramount importance. There are many metals that are used for cutting including diamond, tungsten. The machining and cutting tools must act fast and generate less heat and also be able to absorb the heating during such milling, cutting and polishing jobs.

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