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pcd inserts for drilling tapping and reaming on transmission cases

The transmission case houses vital components including: sets of gears, the hydraulic system, gaskets and seals, governor, torque converter, and electrical components. To function properly, these components need to be mounted correctly unto the case through different kinds of holes. Some holes on the transmission casing are also used to couple various parts of the transmission case together. All the holes on the aluminum case must be machined with high precision to prevent friction and vibration while the engine is running. Here are some of the the recommended cutting conditions and polycrystalline diamond pcd inserts for machining holes in transmission cases.

Assembly Locating Holes
Assembly locating holes make it easy to position different sections of the transmission case properly before coupling them together. These locating holes can be found on the edges of the transmission casing and they have different diameters. A boring bar should be used for the finishing of these holes. Preferably, this boring tool should have a diameter adjustment feature. Using an adjustable tool makes it easy to adjust the diameter of the cutting edge while drilling different holes. The cutting speed should be set at 300 m/min, with a feed rate of 0.06 mm/tooth, and a feeding speed of 500 mm/min. For a smooth surface finish, use the TPGW 090204. This triangular tipped polycrystalline diamond insert has a wiper and is suitable for finishing of all the assembly locating holes in most transmission cases used for automotive car engines.

Harness Hole
The harness hole is used to pass vital electrical cables to control the electrical solenoids and other electrical components that control the clutches and gears in an automatic transmission system. To drill this hole economically, use a boring tool that can accommodate two or more inserts. The initial roughing operation may be done at a cutting speed of 446 m/min, a feed rate of 0.15 mm/rev, and feeding speed of 676 mm/min. Roughing of this hole should be done with the TPGT 110304 insert. The finishing operation may be completed with the TPGW 090204 insert which has a tipped cutting edge and a wiper. During finishing, reduce the cutting speed to 351 m/min, set the feed rate at 0.08 mm/rev, and feeding speed at 280 mm/min. While using the boring bar to finish this hole, back boring should be done to prevent the occurrence of return marks.

Conveyor Seat Face Holes
Several holes are arranged along the edge of the conveyor seat face. After the roughing of these holes with a drilling tool, the finishing operation should be done with a special boring bar and pcd inserts. The CPGW and TPGW 0902 insert series have a wiper design that provides a high quality surface finish. For faster machining and higher productivity, use a boring bar that has a diameter adjustment function. An adjustable diameter will aid the quick adjustment of the tool diameter to suit the size of each hole and reduce the time required for the finishing operation. The recommended cutting speed for this operation is 301 m/min while the feed rate and feeding speed should be set at 0.06 mm/rev and 500 mm/min respectively.

With the appropriate boring cutter, polycrystalline diamond pcd inserts can be used to drill holes in a hard and abrasive aluminum transmission casing. These inserts can be used to achieve high productivity and efficiency since they can be used with the same tool to machine holes of various sizes.

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