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Aluminum pressure tanks machining with polycrystalline diamond pcd inserts

Efficient aluminum pressure tanks machining requires the use of high quality pcd inserts. Aluminum alloys are strong and lightweight materials that are commonly used to manufacture high pressure tanks. However, machining these pressure tanks can be challenging due to the hardness of the material. Tipped pcd inserts provide a more economical way to cut aluminum alloys and they are cost-effective for single use. We supply the VCMT 160404 tipped single edge pcd insert which is suitable for machining various kinds of aluminum alloys that contain about 7% silicon. Here are some of the advantages of using this kind of pcd insert for pressure tank machining.

High Resistance to Wear
Our VCMT 160404 pcd insert is made up of high quality sintered polycrystalline diamond. Hence, it has very high abrasive resistance. Even after continuous cutting, turning and milling, it still retains its original cutting properties so it can deliver excellent surface finish. This makes the machining process more efficient because there's no need to change the cutting tool often. Consequently, using this pcd insert helps you to achieve faster processing time at a lower production cost.

Uniform Hardness
In addition to abrasive resistance, this pcd insert also offers uniform hardness during cutting. The hardness of this tipped pcd insert remains consistent during operation and it is suitable for machining aluminum pressure tanks with a hardness of 80 – 100 HB. Also, the cutting tip works perfectly on all modern CNC machines and produces excellent results when it is used for either intermittent or continuous machining.

High Precision Machining
Pressure tanks require very high precision machining in order to provide accurate pressure while they are in use. That is why it is important to use high grade pcd inserts to create a perfect surface finish. Our tipped tools are produced in compliance with ISO quality standards and they fit into all standard CNC machines used for turning, cutting or milling aluminum alloy pressure tanks. Due to their low operating temperature which is less than 700 degrees, these cutting tools deliver a high quality finish without any surface defects.

Cost Effective Operation
Using pcd inserts for pressure tanks machining is one of the best ways to minimize production costs. In particular, when you need a cutting tool for just one operation, you will save an appreciable amount of money because you will not need to buy an expensive tool. These tipped pcd inserts are more economical than full faced tools and they deliver excellent results. In addition, the ability of the tool to withstand wear, maintain its hardness, and operate without excessive heat, makes it ideal for cost-effective operations.

The use of pcd inserts for aluminum pressure tanks machining is one of the best ways to get the best surface finish at the least cost. We supply various kinds of pcd inserts that are suitable for machining of various kinds of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys. These inserts are used for cutting, turning, and milling of various parts in automotive, aerospace, mining and manufacturing industries.

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