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Advantages of pcd material inserts for cutting non-ferrous metals

Pcd inserts are found at the tips of the tools used for machining non-ferrous metals like aluminum alloy due to their uniform hardness and abrasive resistance. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a synthetic diamond product that is sintered together in high pressure and temperature conditions in order for it to achieve the uniformly distributed hardness and abrasive resistance. Tipped tools made from this product tend to be strong and resist wear in an exceptional way. They also have additional advantages over other materials used to make these cutting tips.

PCD is constant in the way it wears off, a fact brought about by the orientation of diamond particles that is usually random. When compared to naturally occurring diamond that has both hard and soft grains, PCD is hard all round and hence the constant wearing. Natural diamond on the other hand has no practicality of having the hard grain always appearing at the cutting edge and hence it cannot wear in a constant manner.

The cost of PCD is much lower compared to the cost of natural diamond as diamond stones are generally expensive due to the value they hold and their rarity. PCD is also available in different shapes and therefore it reduces the cost of manufacturing in a significant manner. It is also available in large shapes and thus if longer cutting edges are required then the PCD would be the most appropriate to use as it is large diamond stones are rarely found.

Resistance to shock
PCD is more resistant to shock when compared to natural diamond and this is an advantage it holds over it especially when it comes to the manufacture of tool tips. The PCD’s orientation structure being random enables it to be more shock resistant. It also consists of a carbide substrate that backs up its resistance quality.

PCD is more readily available and it comes in a huge variety of sizes as well as the shapes. It is possible to find discs with a large diameter with some going up to 50mm. if you were to compare this to the natural diamond; the PCD holds a significant advantage over it since natural diamond is limited to the sizes and shapes that are formed naturally. Finding a diamond that has such a huge diameter is very hard and if the same were to be found then it would cost a lot to get it.

The PCD material used to manufacture pcd inserts is widely used to manufacture tool tips that are used in a number of machining operations. These operations include but are not limited to grooving, boring, turning, facing and milling. They are also recommended to be used in the cutting of various materials like abrasive non metallics and non-ferrous metals. There are also other materials that PCD has been recommended to cut like gold, silver, magnesium and zinc alloys, aluminum and its alloys, epoxy resins, graphite and carbon. Other materials include; Tungsten carbide, plastics, rubber, graphite and fiberglass composites, Phenolice, Fibreboard and Chipboard.


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